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Watch videos on some of our projects

On the video below you can watch and evaluate the technical complexity of the solution from our company on growing of bloiler chickens. We have developed the whole package of software components, hardware components (controller part and modules) and integrated that with gear from 3rd party suppliers.

If you want a similar solution, we can work together with your professionals (subject matter experts) and together with them adapt this solution to your particular needs. Alternatively, based on this solution we can build an entirely new taylored system that you can sell either under our brand or under your brand.

The solution down below is a taylored solution adapter to particular needs of a customer. It includes components based on LoraWAN protocol along with pieces from Phoenix Contact, Weintek, Siemens and a lart chunk of specific software that we developed for this project.

The irrigation system shown on that video can be scaled to any size, statistics are directed to our MeteringApp cloud and are available even on your mobile device,

If you have any other solution that you business needs, please contact us. We are able to make a system that solves the day to day problems that you deal with and so let you free out that time for things that would allow you to earn more! 

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