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Introduce IoT applications to your business

Connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud. Experience the growth of effectiveness and the yield from what you have today, thanks to the cloud-based computing technologies.

Cloud-based technologies extend the computing power available to you in a price-effective manner. You only pay for resources as much and as soon as you need them.


Internet-of-Things devices collect information from your distant locations and get that information processed by large-scale computing platforms in the cloud. You don't have to spend resource to maintain this.

Watch some of the videos on Forthreal solutions and capture the level of complexity of solutions that we make!


In tthe agricultural sector we are present with such applications as automated solutions for growing of broiler chickens and smart field solutions for measuring of quality of soil and automated control of irrigation.
Here is a video on our solution for growing of broiler chickens  and a demo of our automated smart field irrigation solution.


For the public utility sector we have solutions for automated collection of data from distant locations by connecting to various sorts of metering devices such as electricity meters, water meters and heat meters. We can also setup measuring of environmental parameters and establish automated control over the process of heating, ventillation and air-conditioning. Options for data analysis aimed at achiving of economy are available at a large scale.



We have a vast experience in the field of telecom. It starts with the knowledge of the access & core networks through to the particularities of how to establish connectivity with remote telecom locations to automate control of older POTS switches or help deploy and integrate your equipment or software to BSS/OSS systems. We have had experience of making country-wide IoT installations that would allow incumbent fixed-line and mobility operators to have control over their network.


Our company has specialists with hands-on.knowledge of industrial automation. We have worked with such vendors as Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi. The areas of deployment of our knowledge are agriculture, public utility, construction and manufacturing lines.



Our company is able to connect means of IoT that collect information from utility meters to cloud-based an on-premise billing systems. That allows our customers to not only set-up automated distribution of bills among their customers, but also to accept payments from debit and credit cards.

Forthreal is an official systems integrator of Phoenix Contact and has a registered solution on growing of broiler chickens (see Forthreal's solution on poultry on the web-site of Phoenix Contact).

To be able to respond to the necessity of rapid visualisation of information on technology processes, states of machinery, current levels of consumption of resources, we've launched a project called MeteringApp. The solution comprises the cloud part and the MeteringApp mobile app.

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